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Short Film Festivals

Blackchair has over 20 years of experience developing and managing short film festivals, competitions, and touring exhibitions.  

In 1992 Joel Bachar created Blackchair Productions in Seattle and started Independent Exposure.  For the next 20 years Independent Exposure curated and screened short film events on a monthly basis at our \”home-base\” theaters in Seattle, San Francisco, and Houston. The program also toured to microcinemas, museums, film clubs and other institutions and organizations.  Over 2000 films were screened at hundreds of locations around the world.

Blackchair and co-founders Bachar and Kwiatkowski use the experience and success of Independent Exposure to help advise and design programs for other institutions for promotional, artistic, marketing or other purposes.  Kwiatkowski recently advised and helped design Cinespace for the Houston Cinema Arts Society and NASA.

We are available to help advise, design, plan, and even execute your program.  

Our Expertise Can Help With:

  • Writing and pitching marketing and business plans
  • Creation of themes & festival design
  • Branding & logo design
  • Development and execution of a call for works
  • Designing a curatorial & judging process
  • Management of curatorial and judging
  • Designing of ingestion protocols and systems
  • Designing and implemention of websites and databases
  • Crafting legal terms and other written collateral
  • Intellectual property management
  • Designing marketing and promotional collateral
  • Interfacing with Without A Box, Film Freeways or other
  • Design outreach and social marketing
  • Creation of toring component
  • Email strategy
  • Whatever else we can think of to make your program a success!