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Ambient Media

Not just \”b-roll\” and fireplace videos…

Ambient moving image art is often referred to as \”video painting,\” \”video wallpaper,\” or \”eye candy,\” and is rooted in the history of experimental film and video art, as well as the VJ/DJ culture that exploded throughout the 90\’s and now is a mainstay of dance clubs, worldwide. Today moving image art goes well beyond the club and provides a sophisticated, transformative architectural component to almost any space. It can be purely architectural or a component of branding, DOOH (digital-out-of-home) signage, way-finding, or other novel uses.

Blackchair has deep roots in ambient and experimental film culture.  Our early shorts screenings with Independent Exposure oftentimes included shorts that were designed as works of art.  Our Microcinema DVD distribution entity had an extensive catalog of ambient and experimental works for use as atmospheric or architectural enhancement.

Blackchair Digital Consulting works closely with dozens of international moving image artists (many of whom we have been working with for almost 20 years) who can provide nearly limitless hours of stylized, custom-designed, highly curated ambient imagery for your retail outlet, hotel, nightclub, bar, restaurant, health care facility, private home, and more. Content can be customized to your delivery and presentation needs – no matter the size and shape of your final projection configuration or signage.


Blackchair Digital works in all genres; content may have full or limited exclusivity and may include live mixing (VJ/Mash Ups) for special events or custom mixes for environments: retail, hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, hallways, lobbies, hospitals, private homes – the opportunities are endless.

Examples of genres include the following, Blackchair always focuses on originality and artistic value.

  • Kinetic
  • Chill/Downtempo
  • Art & Design (All styles)
  • Moving Still Life, stop-motion
  • Culturally relevant
  • Seasonal
  • Branded
  • Landscapes/Cityscapes/Science/Urban
  • Whimsical
  • Found Footage/Public Domain
  • Custom Footage

video:  scott pagano