blackchair digital

the art of the moving image

Blackchair Digital is a moving image consultancy that helps businesses, non-profits, festivals and other organizations with the discovery, aggregation, production, curation, and utilization of moving image content.

Whether it be the selection of moving image art for digital signage, video for corporate marketing, the development of a film festival, or the insertion of video into a business & marketing plan, Blackchair has the experience and relationships to deliver success. More about us.

Featured Projects

  • mission avante still


    Blackchair’s Patrick Kwiatkowski, Houston Cinema Arts Society advisory board member, helped develop the collaboration between the Society and NASA.

  • bites-n-sips-cocktail

    Joel Bachar’s Bites-n-Sips Blog

    Blackchair co-founder’s stories about food and drink.

  • guitar dude

    Hard Rock Ambient Visuals Project

    Blackchair and Hard Rock music programmers worked together to develop a matrix of ambient moving image art based on mood and BPM.

Featured Video


by Rob Tyler For Hard Rock International

Outer Space

by Sander van den Berg – Cinespace 2015 Finalist